15 — 18

THE MOTHER LOAD – The Politics of Maternity

Friday 16th

Tailors’ Hall

Tickets: €4.99 Students/OAP €3.99

THE MOTHER LOAD – The politics of maternity

Senators Lorraine Clifford Lee and Lynn Ruane unpick the issues facing working mothers in politics.

Let’s face it, it was only a matter of time before the maternal card was played, as it invariably is when women dare to venture into politics. The more successful you are the more likely a motherhood-related insult will be thrown your way. Anybody remember Julia Gillard, the former Australian prime minister, who in 2012 of whom it was said, she was ‘deliberately barren’ by one political opponent and was accused by the then opposition leader, Tony Abbott, of running a government that ‘lacks experience in raising children’. And on the other side, women with children are discouraged from entering the political arena. Can this be changed? Join Senator Lorraine Clifford Lee and guests as they tackle the thorny issue of motherhood and politics. This event will be chaired by Sonya Lennon, fashion designer, broadcaster, business woman and a multi-award winning Social Entrepreneur.