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Is our rapacious appetite for flesh leading us to eat our planet to death and might bovine flatulence prove fatal? Should we be considering Cow Taxes rather than Carbon Taxes. The Festival of Politics is back to fearlessly answer these and other questions. Forget about the war of the WAGS, we are here to find out just what a political football the game of soccer really is.

Meet the US author who says RFK’s killer Sirhan Sirhan is an Innocent Man and  hear the proof firsthand. Learn about the Irish American Reporter described by Hemingway as the ‘greatest writer who ever lived’, was she really murdered for uncovering the Truth behind JFK’s assassination? Join us as we expose the dark side of NASA – and the ideas of free love, debauchery, and “Sex Magick” behind the project that took man to the moon. We are just scratching the surface. We are here to plumb the depths of ‘political’ esoterica, armed only with irreverence, unquenchable curiosity and varying degrees of seriousness.

This is not a think-in. This is not an Ard-Fheis. This is not your everyday Festival of Politics!


Established in 2003 The Temple Bar Company is unique within Dublin as it provides the democratic voice for all business, cultural and voluntary sectors within Temple Bar. It is more than just a business association.

Our mission is to protect, enhance and develop the area known as Temple Bar; to ensure that Temple Bar is kept clean, safe, attractive and accessible for all who live, work and visit the area; to promote the arts, tourism, trade and commerce and to maintain and promote Temple Bar as Ireland’s leading entertainment, business and cultural quarter.

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