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Tell It Like It Is with John Lee (Mail on Sunday)

Wednesday 22nd

Tailors’ Hall

Tickets: FREE but Ticketed

Tell it Like it Is with John Lee (Mail on Sunday)

It is with regret that I must inform you that the politicians who were scheduled to appear at the Tell it Like It Is event will have to postpone. We will reschedule the event, and will send you a date in due course.

The Finance Bill has been unexpectedly brought forward for voting on Wednesday, 22 November and TDs are confined to Leinster House between 5.30pm and 12 midnight. As a Government can only fall on a Finance Bill or a motion of confidence I think we must understand the importance of their attendance in the Oireachtas tomorrow. There is also additional pressure on the time of TDs and Senators tomorrow due to a possible debate on controversies at the Department of Justice.

The TDs who had been scheduled to appear – Kate O’Connell, Barry Cowen, Finian McGrath and Danny Healy Rae –  send their humblest apologies and stress that it is only business of the upmost importance that is keeping them from this exciting event. They stress that this vote was not initially in Oireachtas diaries but the Dail budgetary matters are unpredictable.

John Lee & All the Team At the Festival of politics