15 — 18


Sunday 26th
4PM - 4:30PM

Tailors’ Hall

Tickets: €7.50


Presented by Farcry Productions in association with Festival of Politics & Temple Bar Company

Performed by Gerard Mannix Flynn

Fighter is a performance piece that is being staged for the first time at Festival of Politics

A combatant recalls the wreckage and havoc of war and his part in it.
From the ancient world to the present cleansing of the Rohingya people.
What is duty? What is revolutionary war?
Who is the freedom fighter? Who is the fighter for peace?
Only ruins remain after war. Unhealable wounds litter the worlds landscapes.
Only the rubble of Aleppo is left as witness.
Which is best, something to live for or something to die for?
After many years of relative peace in Ireland a generation has grown up without the threat of armed conflict. This work deals with the brutality and cruelty of violence and war.

Doors @ 3:30pm