15 — 18

Who Are our Policy Makers?

Friday 24th

Tailors’ Hall

Tickets: €7.50 (including complimentary glass of wine)

Who Are our Policy Makers?

Politics is a game of many layers dominated by backroom deals and massaged by financial influence. But who are those individuals just out of shot whose political advocacy organisations and affluence sway votes and decision making at the highest level?

To help us discuss the increasingly pervasive influence of those spending millions of dollars shaping the Grand Old Party in the image of their interests and ideologies we will be joined by a panel of experts to lift the veil.  The Koch brothers and their U-turn on Trump, George Soros and his Open Society impression, and Michael Bloomberg, the former New York City mayor and climate change advocate – none will escape scrutiny!

Panellists will include Brian Hayes, MEP, David Quinn (The Iona Institute), John Devitt (CEO Transparency International Ireland) and Siobhán Masterson (Head of Corporate Affairs Ibec).

Our Chair for this event is Sarah Carey, columnist for The Times.

Doors @ 12:30pm