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The State of Satire in the Middle East with The Hummus News

Saturday 25th

Tailors’ Hall

Tickets: €7.50 (including complimentary glass of wine)

The State of Satire in the Middle East with The Hummus News

There’s a saying that “everytime you find humour in a difficult situation, you win”. If this is the case, the trio behind The Hummus News, a satirical bonanza of online fake news in the Muslim community, have secured the gold.

Inspired by the satirical success of The Onion, The Hummus offers a humourous insight into the consciousness of young Western Muslims and how they process negative perceptions of their religion.

The ‘fundamental’ message is that Muslims can be funny too. Tapping into the zeitgeit, the publishers aren’t afraid to court controversy with story titles such as “Muslim on Airplane Fails to Smile Wide Enough, Pilot Makes Emergency Landing” or “US Fighter Jet Drops 200 Cans of Pepsi Over West Mosul’, a dig at the drinks company’s controversial ad starring Kendall Jenner, who according to The Hummus article will take up the role of US ambassador to Mosul “given her recent accomplishments in domestic diplomacy”.

Until now, the three founders – young practising American Muslims who work in Silicon Valley – have remained anonymous. For this year’s inaugural Festival of Politics, however, the creators will take to the stage to share the rationale behind The Hummus News and to explain why taking a light-hearted approach is essential at a time when stereotypes and stigma bedevil the Muslim community worldwide.

“Our goal is to connect – and facilitate meaningful conversations between Muslims and Non-Muslims alike,” said the creators.

Doors @ 5:30pm