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All Together Now with Jeremy Cunningham (The Levellers), Liam O’Maoinlai (The Hot House Flowers)…

Thursday 23rd

Tailors’ Hall

Tickets: €7.50 (including complimentary glass of wine)

All Together Now with Jeremy Cunningham (The Levellers), Liam O’Maoinlai (The Hot House Flowers)…

Can the universal language of music make a difference? We examine how song can make a powerful statement and bridge differences where the political lexicon often fails.

Culture (noun): the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively; the ideas, customs, and social behaviour of a particular people or society.

When can culture, in particular music, influence change in our socio-economic system? Can music soften views on religion, ethos and ethnicity to marry opposing sides and effect meaningful change? We look at how music has impacted for the better on world matters, crossing boundaries and shaping opinions.

Our panel includes:

Jeremy Cunningham lead bass guitarist of The Levellers, British pioneers of political folk-punk. The Levellers  music has always had a political edge and they were one of the few bands of their generation to translate this into mainstream commercial success, selling more than six million records, including two number one albums, in the 90s.

Liam O’ Maoinlaí a musician and frontman for The Hot House Flowers, who explored the possibility of music as a common language between cultures in his 2008 documentary Dambé: The Mali Project with fellow musician Paddy Keenan. Together, the pair made their way across 3,000 miles, collaborating with musicians from village tribes and Nomadic Herders to form a united path of song.

Annette Bellaoui a Danish activist and Muslim convert who is changing the narrative through music and humour. Bellaoui is founder of Tavse Stemmer – Missing Voices.de, a project created by Muslim women for Muslim women with two objectives: present opportunities for Muslim women in the arts; and debunk the myth that there is little more to Muslim women than subservience and religious bondage.

Nadine O’Regan, journalist and presenter of Today FM’s ‘Songs in the Key of Life’ will be our chair for this event.

Doors @ 7:30pm